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policy         Company Policy Statement

AMAATCO is committed to, client's satisfaction, professional “Excellence”, and quality service. We strives to attain and set standards of performance, in our fields of specialitiese, which would be looked upon by others as a benchmark. AMAATCO, has always accepted the fact that the customer is at the top. Everything we do is geared to meet “total and complete” customer acceptance. With this in mind, we are continuously in a state to develop, improve and share our knowledge and resources to meet the ever-changing needs and demands in this fluctuating economic scenario. AMAATCO, believes in maintaining a workforce of qualified employees who match the stringent work culture required to meet standards higher than those set by the industry. Finally, AMAATCO, has qualified and experienced managers, engineers, scheduler, inspectors, foremen, leadsmen, skilled workers and other necessary backup crews.